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Our Mission

We are pioneers in pharmacy marketing

"Its in our history and DNA"

Our product and services

"Developed for pharmacy owners by pharmacy owners"

Our product was founded on the back of the immense problems faced by pharmacists trying to manage their retail businesses in the new competitive environment using multiple marketing channels, technology and communications, all leading to increasing cost, time pressure, loss of profitability and customers.

Helping pharmacies meet today and tomorrows demands

  • Responsive to our client and market demands – “We understand demands and needs change”
  • Constantly adaptable – “We listen to our customers demands”
  • No upgrade costs – “Peace of mind and return on investment”
  • Proactive, expert and qualified team – “Save time in explaining and development”
  • Evolving service and products – “Up to date with the latest trends”
  • Competing and preparing in the digital economy
  • Embracing and integrating new services and technology

R & D, investing, innovation and future proofing

We have the largest R&D team in the industry – our clients and our staff. Our ability to adapt to client and industry demands, change and add new features sets us apart from the rest. We provide this at some of the lowest prices in the market.

Power of knowledge

We are simply the most experienced team in the sector – we cover everything needed by our clients with a team that are industry experts.

Our clients have peace of mind as we ensure that we understand their needs and meet their requirements, saving customer time and money.

We have more in common with our clients

We innovate and develop ahead of competitors because our management team run and operate businesses same as our clients.

We understand their customers, their needs and their issues. We are better positioned and have more in common.

We provide the missing links cost effectively

We guarantee that our products and services are communicating to our client’s customers at home, instore, online and on the move.

To do this we invest and provide software as a service, hardware and marketing material. Without this total communication the value to the end customer is not transferable, and our clients will lose out to competitors.

Global presence, global knowledge

We operate across the world and have the advantage of working with pharmacist in many different countries. Our management team work with global companies to deliver results to our clients.

Partners we work with to deliver results

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