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The only unified and dedicated marketing platform for independent pharmacies

Without data, you can not see what is working and what is not

We provide the ability to creatively engage with the customer in innovative and targeted ways to increase revenue in-store, online, or in the local community. With our service there is no need to download software; our cloud-based dashboard allows you to easily access all of our features and services 24/7.

We provide everything you need to collect data everywhere

We are the only providers of a connected Data Driven Pharmacy Communication platform with more features and functions. Our system can be accessed 24/7 through a secure cloud-based system whenever you want wherever you are without the need for expensive hardware or software downloads.

We join all the dots when it comes to marketing, no need for separate systems and suppliers

Pharmacists turn to us to handle their digital, instore, and local marketing because we provide the only complete pharmacy marketing ecosystem.

Fully integrated with all customer communication points

We make sure your pharmacy will always be in touch and first in the mind of customers by covering every aspect of marketing. We help our clients be competitive by future-proofing their business in all areas to build long-term relationships. Our multi-channel marketing ecosystem provides endless ways to market the pharmacy to the local community.

  • Responsive to our client and market demands – “We understand demands and needs change”
  • Constantly adaptable – “We listen to our customers demands”
  • No upgrade costs – “Peace of mind and return on investment”
  • Proactive, expert and qualified team – “Save time in explaining and development”
  • Evolving service and products – “Up to date with the latest trends”

It’s no secret why pharmacists choose our products and services to market their business

We specialize in providing marketing services dedicated to retail pharmacy businesses. Our industry leading in-house specialist pharmacy team understands the issues and needs facing pharmacy owners in today’s competitive market and continually works to ensure our products, and services can help your business prepare for the future.

Our specialist team understands the legal, compliance, regulatory, products, and service requirement’s that form the daily running of the pharmacy. Our pharmacy-qualified R&D team constantly seeks new ways to increase revenue, introduce ideas and work closely with suppliers, drug companies, regulatory bodies, and associations to maximize pharmacy revenue online, in store, and the local community.

We are responsive to the market and client demands and do not charge extra – this is the DNA of our service

Our all-inclusive pharmacy marketing services and products are the most extensive and advanced and we offer more features and functions than any other provider in the marketplace.

Switching to us is easy – why compromise when you can have it all

  • Does your website have the most features and functions to lock in prescription revenue?
  • Is your current website a data driven website?
  • Does it have multi-channel marketing capabilities?
  • Are you paying each time for upgrades and changes to your website?
  • Does your website have a loyalty program?
  • Is your website future proof?
  • Does your current website provide education, content and lots of communication features? Is it up-to-date? How is all of this managed?
  • Are you losing out on revenue and not collecting valuable healthcare data for the future?

See how we can help your pharmacy business with our next generation Connected Pharmacy ecosystem.

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