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Data Driven websites and mobile app services

Without data you can not see what is working and what is not

Industry leading multi-channel websites and mobile apps with connected marketing technology that retains, grows and prepares pharmacy now and for the future. Our Data Driven connected pharmacy websites and mobile apps enables powerful data marketing to maximise customer interactions instantly and target marketing in ways that were previously not possible cost effectively.

Websites and apps connected to everything so you have all the data you need to make informed marketing decisions

We provide the most value based websites and apps

We provide all the tools needed to make your Pharmacy website the preferred destination for prescriptions, products, booking pharmacy Mini Clinic™ services, and accessing healthcare information. Our Data Driven websites are integrated with the next-generation marketing communication software focusing on customer behavior, needs, interactions, sales, and these ever-changing profiles over time.

Conversational data collection

Community marketing

Online data

Point of care

Instore collection

Clinical services

Paperless loyalty



Offers / promotions



We are responsive to market changes and do not charge extra since this is the DNA of our service. Developed by our industry leading in-house dedicated pharmacy teams who understand the issues and needs facing pharmacy owners in today’s competitive marketplace.

We provide the No1 pharmacy apps in the world

Smartphone app with unmatched features and functions

Our specialist data collection mobile apps are linked to The Connected Pharmacy ecosystem and provide everything

Prescription History

Repeat Prescriptions

Prescription Reminders

Pharmacy Mini Clinic

Online Doctor

Clinical Appointments

Track Blood Pressure

Track Blood Sugar

Redeem Club Card points

Shop Now facility

My Account area

Special instore offers

Shopping History

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Advice

Video Healthcare

Track Your Weight

Check My Points

Powerful unified data collection and marketing

Our entire Connected pharmacy ecosystem is fully integrated with everything.

Free upgrades – pharmacy specialist – latest technology industry know how – tailored for each pharmacy – largest content – greater return on investment

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Switching to us is easy – why compromise when you can have it all

  • Does your website have the most features and functions to lock in prescription revenue?
  • Is your current website a Data Driven Networks website? Does it have multi-channel marketing capabilities?
  • Are you paying each time for upgrades and changes to your website?
  • Does your business have a loyalty program that is fully data-linked?
  • Do you pay for upgrade costs, or are upgrades provided free?
  • Does your current website provide education, content, and lots of communication features?
  • Are you losing out on revenue and not collecting valuable healthcare data for the future?
  • Is your website future proof?
  • Are you protected from the local competition?
  • Do you have a pharmacy expert digital marketing manager?
  • Do you currently provide extensive local last mile delivery and marketing?
  • Do you feel you have a lack of time on marketing your pharmacy?
  • Are you fully integrated across your entire marketing?
  • Do you have a fully linked data collection system?
  • Are you losing a customer to competitors?
  • Does your staff need sales & marketing training?
  • Are your vouchers and newsletters connected to all your data?
  • Do you have a powerful clinical services sales, marketing, and implementation in place

See how we can help your pharmacy business with our next generation Connected Pharmacy ecosystem.

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