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Powerful point of sales and point of care marketing

Guarantees that all your marketing communication instore is engaging with customers

Engage and interact in a way that is meaningful, cost effective and works. Our instore marketing service is specially developed to keep your customers connected with your offers and marketing messages throughout their instore journey. Walking along the aisle browsing at products or at the counter area, they will never miss a marketing message again.

Entering a pharmacy

Posters and digital signage to communicate marketing

Browsing instore

Print your own promotions and loyalty card offers

At the counter area

Video animations of deals, clinical services and patient information

Print your own personalized point of sale offers and pricing

Attract new members

Give customers a reason to join your pharmacy reward program with better deals using POS marketing

Retain and increase

Let customers see your deals and promotion and keep coming back to accumulate and redeem

Our service saves pharmacists time, moves products and increases revenue. We provide a specially developed instant printing facility for point of sale marketing. This easy to use service works on any device without the need for expensive software or hardware upgrades.

  • Instant price promotions, simply create and print
  • No need for supplier POS, keeps you in control of promotions
  • Professional design and layout, cloud based access
  • No need to download software, free upgrades

Launch your own instore pharmacy TV channel

We are the world’s leading provider of instore media for retail pharmacy. Our team created digital out of home media and has been operating in this sector for more than 20 years. We provide global reach for pharmacists and work with national and multi-national OTC, pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal care and food manufacturers as well as charities, local and national governments.

Plug and play technology

Simply plug our devices into your screens and you go live instantly

Create marketing content

Create personalized deals, pricing, customer information

Connect and communicate

Cloud based which links to your TV screens instantly

Increase sales and customer experience

Increase your sales with dynamic sound and vision

Specialist instore TV network and special relevant content
  • Pharmacy media branded with voice overs
  • Increased customer retention
  • A better customer experience and attention
  • Improved staff communications
  • Cross selling opportunities for healthcare services via screen content

We guarantee the most cost effective and comprehensive service in the market place. Our instore TV network can be integrated with your existing TV screen. If you do not have a screen, a cost effective solution can be provided.

Why we are the no.1 choice

Great technology, easy to use and cost effective

Our services work with any existing client infrastructure and is tailored to meet the demands of the environment and provide durability. Clients are able to combine our technology with their existing screens and access our content instantly and cost effectively.

  • Increase revenue, retain customers and reduce costs
  • Content management software – create customised playlists
  • Solid state technology – fast and reliable
  • Cloud access – change your content from anywhere 24/7
  • Zero media storage costs
  • Zero content download required – simply plug and play
  • Tailored service to capitalise on your integrated marketing
  • All our advertising with clinical content
  • Create your own offers with templates
  • Hundreds of category templates
  • Free template creation
  • Easy upload of videos from YouTube

Tailored screen content for retail pharmacy

Content created to connect with different customer types

We provide brand specific content when connecting to consumer groups – seniors and young females use the same pain medication for different reasons and have different media consumption times and content. We help you take care of detailed pharmacy communications.

  • Brands – We work with health, wellbeing, OTC Products; specialist brand extensions, awareness, education and promotions
  • Consumer Awareness – Disease awareness and prescription education
  • Pharmacy Miniclinic™ Services – Specialist content to create customer awareness of health issues and services available at the pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Contract – Signposting, patient promotions, healthcare advice, responsible pharmacist
  • Service providers – Helps promote high value health services and value equipment
  • Health & Wellbeing – Promote products via promotions and awareness; catch consumers at the right time to influence instore purchases with zero media clutter – viewers cannot avoid the advertising since they are waiting for prescriptions
  • Pharmacy Branded Offers – Promote products with customised offers; offer enticements to customers for joining your loyalty program and lock in business from loyal customers

We have the world’s largest healthcare content for retail pharmacists

Our programs and content give your pharmacy the power to create stronger value by connecting the advertising according to your viewer needs, demographics and your marketing goals.

Creative content that makes customers look and listen

Our experienced content design team understands retail pharmacy and what is required for consumer education, pharmacy promotions and meeting compliance needs and have executed the largest number of health related creative projects in the sector.

We have worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, charities, food manufacturers and health service companies in communicating to retail pharmacy customers.

We provide invaluable experience and understand that a successful creative execution means understanding our clients, their customers, their suppliers and the market place.

Our content works in a great number of ways to help retail pharmacy owners achieve their goals

  • Staff sales training
  • Pharmacy contract – patient education, sign posting
  • Customer experience instore
  • Healthcare service sales
  • Cross selling
  • Brand extensions
  • Government regulations
  • Create your own offers
  • Special consultation room content
  • Seasonal education
  • Special branded templates for deals
  • Healthcare services marketing content
Talk to us about reviewing your instore marketing
  • Do you currently have instore media?
  • How do you manage content?
  • Are your messages continually reviewed for relevance?
  • Are you losing out on maximising your potential customer reach and the overall level of service?
  • Are you paying too much and not getting return on investment?

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