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Prescription marketing services

Track, connect, communicate and engage with the most powerful unified prescription marketing system available

We provide the most coverage for local prescription marketing to compete locally against large chain pharmacies, supermarkets, and online pharmacies. Our leading multi-channel prescription marketing program connects with new and existing customers at every touchpoint.

Local delivery tracking and scheduling

Manage local deliveries in house or with 3rd party

Increase digital revenue everywhere

Online and Mobile Rx script management & re ordering

1st choice for prescriptions

Be the first choice in the community

Offer Rx clients clinical services

Be a cost effective and time saving community health hub

Powerful and engaging Rx marketing to new and existing customers

Online doctor

At home

Healthcare events

Mobile & online

In the local community

Marketing partners

Consultation room

Rx reminders

Prescription marketing is designed to work around your customer’s age and lifestyle. Guarantee your prescription marketing is seen and heard. We use a mix of traditional and new technology marketing strategies to guarantee that all your current and potential customers see that your prescriptions services are the best in the market.

The most comprehensive prescription app - guarantee that customers use your pharmacy

We provide everything you need to keep your current clients and attract new ones. We do this by providing valuable tools that help customers manage their prescriptions, monitor their health, and keep in constant communication with your pharmacy.

Our team provides Rx marketing that provides great results

A dedicated way to market and increase senior prescription services

The over 60’s are the highest prescription users and we help secure this valuable prescription business by providing a leading combined senior prescription and loyalty card scheme. With this service we provide the branding, marketing materials and technology for your pharmacy to lock in senior prescription business and increase revenue.

We help you build a long term relationship with a personal touch

Our service will enable your pharmacy to provide lots of benefits that are unmatched by your competitors, create better relationships and provide better prescription care. Our service provides the following features and benefits to pharmacists and their customers:

  • Reward seniors for visiting your pharmacy with our healthcare loyalty card service
  • Target special deals and offers for seniors
  • Tele health support
  • Easier targeting of health services and promotions
  • Help senior carers with third party carer prescription reminder system
  • Prescription reminders without mobiles or PC for those seniors who are not ‘tech savvy’
  • Track lost prescription business
  • Target offers via age, medication and health issues
  • Track senior healthcare events and a new way to sign up members
  • Health monitoring tools
  • Patient advice, education and recording system compliant with regulatory requirements

We work constantly to keep our clients ahead in their prescription marketing through our senior club card offering.

We make sure your prescription marketing is seen and heard everywhere

Instore prescription marketing is vital and needs be to be promoted to all customers everywhere in the pharmacy - your competitors are constantly bombarding your customers with offers and deals online, instore and on the move.

We provide more communication points to promote pharmacy prescription business instore than any other company. We provide dedicated equipment, technology and services to create attention grabbing instore prescription marketing. These services include instore media, loyalty systems, Mini Clinic pad, posters and point of sale materials. We help market prescription services with sound, vision and emotion connected to all your customers where ever they are instore.

Prescription marketing at the counter

Our instore media has been described as the “additional staff member” by pharmacists. We have installed more point of sale pharmacy networks than any other company globally and we have created a unique service that works and produces return on investment for promotion of prescription services.

Attention grabbing prescription marketing

Our instore media service provides the following features and benefits:

  • Pharmacy designed prescription promotions content
  • Prescription services with video animation
  • Instore prescription services with sound
  • Promotions- let your customers hear why you are different
  • Special branded templates to instantly design promotions when you want
  • Education content for pharmacy services

Consultation Room Prescription Marketing

“Increase prescriptions through conversation and services”

Patients take their business where they feel their healthcare professional is listening and advising. All pharmacy consultation rooms are designed for this purpose. We rebrand consultation rooms to a Pharmacy Mini Clinic™ to help identify prescription needs, give advice, carry out Q&A’s and recommend products and services. Competitors use consultation room services to lock in prescription business.

We provide innovative marketing materials, technology, training, products and services to increase prescription income through consultation room services.

  • Touch pads to add and record prescription refill requests
  • Instant healthcare videos for patients
  • Touchpad with Online Doctors for private prescriptions
  • Market prescriptions based on health services and Pharmacy Mini Clinic™ consultation room appointments
  • Patient Q&A’s / surveys
  • Generate instant vouchers and coupons targeting services to prescription users by individual medicines
  • Sign posting to healthcare services

Loyalty card hardware & forms

Compete and lock down prescription business

Customers who sign to the loyalty service receive better deals instore and also register to electronic prescription services at the same time. All large chain retail groups use this loyalty card strategy to lock in prescription business.

We provide the leading pharmacy healthcare loyalty card scheme to help pharmacists compete in this area and stop customers moving to competitors. Our loyalty card service provides specialised staff training, point of sale material and technology to secure prescription business instore instantly.

  • Locks and secures all EPS nominations to your pharmacy
  • Club card gives customers a reason to join prescriptions services
  • Integrated with electronic prescription consent form
  • Identify health issues and patient concerns and link to prescriptions
  • Helps cross sell products and provides more value added services
  • Helps lock in to prescription business long term
  • Print instant POS labels to sign up prescription customers to services through better pricing offers
  • Tracks staff prescription promotion activity
  • Tracks prescription only visitors and allows multi- marketing to selected groups e.g members that are no longer using the pharmacy

We provide the most advanced online prescription marketing system

Online repeat prescriptions are predicted to overtake front of counter due to cost cutting, easy access, warehouse pharmacies, competition and switching services only a click away.

Fully integrated with our Data Driven marketing services such as coupons/voucher, newsletters, online doctors, websites, prescription reminders, refill request, non-prescription purchases, consultation room appointments and much more. We give pharmacists the power to offer more than competitors – no need for customers to go elsewhere.

We provide the power to educate, track, monitor & reward

Unlike any other company we provide pharmacists the ability to lock in existing online clients and target new ones for prescription business based on multiple data variables such as:

  • Health Issues
  • Health services used & booked
  • Current and past prescriptions
  • Loyalty members and non-members
  • Medication compliance reminders
  • Online expenditure via health monitoring tools
  • Age & demographics
  • Pharmacy loyalty card data
  • Tailored online data collection unique to your pharmacy
  • Online doctors and private consultations
  • Repeat prescriptions

We provide the most detailed service in the market to promote pharmacy prescription services and stop customers going to competitors in the short, medium and long term.

Powerful local prescription marketing directly into local homes, businesses and the community

We help pharmacists make their location the preferred choice in the community. Most customers want to get their prescriptions in a convenient and hassle free way, and usually look towards their local pharmacy. With increased competition from all areas locally – both online and bricks and mortar stores, pharmacists will need to implement continuous local marketing strategies to provide value, service and clearly define their point of service in a professional and targeted way to keep existing customers and attract new ones.

Stop competitors from poaching your prescription business

We provide the only specialist pharmacy local prescription marketing service. Our unique local prescription marketing helps pharmacy owners attract customers who do not normally use the pharmacy and keep in communication with existing clients to stop them going elsewhere.

  • Recruit customers by launching and promoting local healthcare events
  • Offer local businesses staff member’s special deals on loyalty card joining
  • Track customer recruitment points
  • Create, measure and monitor marketing partners activity
  • Measures return on investment in local prescription marketing
  • Specialist newsletters to target local businesses
  • Targeted prescription leafleting
  • Professionally designed leafleting
  • 12 month marketing campaigns
  • Advice and assistance on local marketing
  • Website integration with pharmacy products and services
  • Attention grabbing window posters
  • Pharmacy specialist design team to execute campaigns
  • QR codes on all posters and leaflets for easy smartphone app download

We help you to get customers to use only your pharmacy

We help pharmacists track all their current and past prescription business and identify which clients no longer use their services both instore or online and have moved to competitors. Our prescription tracking and marketing systems fills the large marketing gap that is difficult for PMR systems due to legal data rules, NHS restrictions on PMR data, information governance rules and technical shortfalls.

Track, monitor, communicate and motivate instantly

Our prescription tracking system provides access to vital prescription activity data and then ability to instantly take action legally to entice customers back to the pharmacy.

  • Stop prescription losses
  • Identify when prescriptions are expiring and require re-ordering days ahead in a simple way
  • Identify last visited instore or online
  • Track private prescription use
  • Ability to send instant vouchers and coupons
  • Sends offers via email and text
  • Fast simple and easy to use
  • Linked to repeat prescription services
  • Connected to consultation rooms services

Offer more to compete and gain new prescription business

Increasing healthcare costs and the aging population has led to reduced reimbursement, increased prescription charges and longer waiting times at the doctors for patients. All these factors have created changes in the average prescription customer behaviour.

Prescription customers want to reduce healthcare cost and time dealing with doctors and therefore look for help to achieve these goals. With this in mind large competitors with deep financial pockets are continuously investing value added services to meet the changing needs and win prescription revenue.

We help traditional pharmacy owners compete by providing value added services and new technologies to meet and exceed competitor offerings to win prescription customers cost effectively. Our wide range of value added services include;

Healthcare Mobile Device Applications

  • Video health news and library
  • Patient health tracker for blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss and more
  • Blood pressure and sugar level notification system
  • Pharmacy Mini Clinic™ appointment booking system with customisable videos
  • Quick access to loyalty card information
  • GPRS system for direction to pharmacy

Technology that gives customers the right information

Our Services provides prescription customers with information that is most relevant to them and adds real value to their health. We provide the No1 Data Driven pharmacy marketing systems; our software allows ultra targeted information linked to health issues, prescription use and lots more.

We give all tools to help your customers get the best service

We help pharmacists build a powerful permission based marketing platform while keeping customers happy with engaging relevant targeted health offers, news and information. We help you do this using targeted Smart Data™ newsletters, vouchers & coupons.

Leading repeat prescription re-ordering and medicine compliance services

We provide prescription users with reordering and reminder systems that fit around their life styles.

  • Automated reminders via email/ text
  • Ability to set precise time reminders
  • Compliance reminders with full details on how to take the medicine
  • Call back tracking facility for non IT savvy seniors
  • 3rd party carers system to integrated for all prescription services to provide better compliance and assistance

My prescription history

Prescription ordering

Prescription reminder

All order history

MiniClinic appointments

Online Doctor consultations

Track my blood pressure

Track my blood sugar

Track my weight

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