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Convert your website into a Data Driven Network

Data is the currency for future healthcare marketing for retail pharmacies

We provide the power to collect data and convert it into revenue with our totally connected data driven pharmacy websites, mobile apps and marketing. We are the leaders in providing Data Driven Pharmacy websites. Our one of a kind industry leading service empowers independent pharmacy to compete with large retailers in ways that were previously not possible cost effectively.

Pharmacy Mini Clinic bookings

Mobile app loyalty program

Loyalty scheme integration

Online vouchers & coupons

Online doctors marketing platform

Track all your prescription deliveries

Our powerful pharmacy ecosystem helps you collect data and empowers marketing and communication

We provide all the tools to collect data needed to make your pharmacy website the preferred destination for all local customers

  • Data driven prescription marketing
  • Targeting clinical services based on health and medications
  • Loyalty marketing based on customer store interactions both online and offline
  • Compliance for healthcare
  • Data marketing based on clinical services and appointment bookings

Send the right communication to the right customers at the right time

Our expert understands the pharmacy business environment and constantly seek new ways to increase revenue, introduce new ideas and add real value to your pharmacy business using our technology and services.

We provide the No1 pharmacy apps in the world

Smartphone app with unmatched features and functions

Our specialise data collection mobile Apps are linked to Connected Pharmacy Ecosystem and provide everything

Prescription History

Repeat Prescriptions

Prescription Reminders

Pharmacy Mini Clinic

Online Doctor

Clinical Appointments

Track Blood Pressure

Track Blood Sugar

Redeem Club Card points

Shop Now facility

My Account area

Special instore offers

Shopping History

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Advice

Video Healthcare

Track Your Weight

Check My Points

We help identify what inspires your customers to take action

Our powerful websites help acquire customer data at all communication touch points. Using our technology we empower pharmacists to convert relevant valuable data instantly into revenue, loyalty and customer retention.

See why pharmacists are switching and joining us

We provide more than any other company in terms of features, functions and marketing capabilities to help your pharmacy retain clients and future proof your pharmacy business to be competitive in the short, medium and long term

1st choice pharmacy locally

Be the 1st choice pharmacy in the local community

1st choice for prescriptions

Increase and retain pharmacy prescription revenue

Increase revenue everywhere

Instore and online revenue from Rx, products and services

Increase revenue from clinical services

Be a cost effective and time saving community health hub

Powerful unified data collection and marketing

Our entire Connected Pharmacy ecosystem is fully integrated with everything.

Free upgrades – pharmacy specialist – latest technology industry knowhow – tailored for each pharmacy – largest content – greater return on investment

Switch to us

Switching to us is easy – why compromise when you can have it all

  • Does your website have the most features and functions to lock in prescription revenue?
  • Is your current website a data driven website? Does it have multi-channel marketing capabilities?
  • Are you paying each time for upgrades and changes to your website?
  • Does your business have a loyalty program that is fully data linked?
  • Do you pay for upgrade costs, or are upgrades provided free?
  • Does your current website provide education, content and lots of communication features?
  • Are you losing out on revenue and not collecting valuable healthcare data for the future?
  • Is your website future proof?
  • Are you protected from local competition?
  • Do you have a pharmacy expert digital marketing manager?
  • Do you currently provide extensive local last mile delivery and marketing?
  • Do you feel you have a lack of time on marketing your pharmacy?
  • Are you fully integrated across your entire marketing?
  • Do you have a fully linked data collection system?
  • Are you losing customers to competitors?
  • Does your staff need sales & marketing training?
  • Are your vouchers and newsletters connected to all your data?
  • Do you have a powerful clinical services sales , marketing and implementation in place

See how we can help your pharmacy business with our next generation Connected Pharmacy ecosystem.

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Features Include
  • Prescription marketing
  • Clinical services
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer retention marketing
  • Loyalty / reward card system
  • Key performance index
  • Referral marketing
  • Digital strategy
  • Staff Incentivisation/monitoring
  • Revenue marketing manager

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