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Promotions and newsletters with Smart Data™ technology

Ultra personalized communications - target the right customer with the right message at the right time

We help collect the customer data and turn it into revenue and customer retention with targeted healthcare promotions and newsletters. Our unique service provides the technology to collect customer data at the point of sale, point of care, online and more. With our system pharmacists can target their marketing communications based on the following criteria instantly.

Target your pharmacy communications in ways you thought were not possible.

Personal data

Age, gender and location of family members and careers

Prescription use

Prescription history and medicine indication

Health condition

Targeted communication based on medical issues

Patient Q&A

Targeting based on patient needs and feedback

Healthcare monitoring

Messaging based on tracking health markers

Purchase activity

Products / category expenditure, visits instore and online

Non club card members

Entice and reward non members with communication

Loyalty card members

Preferences, redemption history and interests

Pharmacy healthcare services activity

target communication based on services used

Online consultation activity

Link sell products and services with private consultations

Community healthcare events

Target messages to local clinical groups

Activity with local doctors

Promote services with local partners

Simple and easy to use dashboard with analytics

Choose your target audience and criteria

Create your e-vouchers and e-newsletters

Connect to the right audience online, mobile and instore

Features of our e-vouchers and newsletter technology

  • Pharmacy branded personalized vouchers / coupons
  • Simple snapshot newsletter reports
  • Measure marketing campaign success and review
  • Helps identify your return on investment
  • Provides overview of all offers and deals sent
  • Measures response rates for offers
  • Keep track of expiring vouchers & coupon campaigns
  • 24/7 cloud based access
  • When emails were opened – Time & Date
  • Which emails were opened
  • Survey form feed back
  • Customised forms
  • Customised fields
  • Simple and easy to use editor
  • Embed videos directly from Youtube
  • Add in your own videos
  • Tables and graphs
  • Image with full positioning options
  • Wide range of fonts
  • Insert links to other websites
  • Auto generated time sensitive communication
  • Application feedback
  • Undelivered emails (‘bounce-back reports’)
  • Customers who unsubscribed to your communications
  • Customised graphics
  • Collect data instantly

Targeted email marketing specially designed for pharmacy retailers

Our system is specially built for retail pharmacy and is the only system of its kind in the market. Our Smart Data Newsletter technology gives pharmacists the power to target their audience with 100% accuracy with one click.

Simply choose the prescription medication and send instant information on products & services

Prescription revenue is the life blood of any pharmacy therefore we have developed an industry first in pharmacy newsletter services. Our Smart Data™ newsletter technology provides pharmacy businesses the ability to send targeted newsletters, SMS messages, vouchers and coupons to increase the lifetime value of every prescription patient

  • Current prescription drug use
  • Past prescription drug use
  • Prescription reminders
  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Medication compliance
  • Carer prescription management
  • Time generated with prescriptions
  • Online Doctor prescriptions

Market leaders in pharmacy healthcare newsletters – unmatched insight, technology and knowhow

To create successful healthcare newsletter campaigns it is vitally important to collect the correct data by intimate relationship based marketing with your customer. We help you collect data when consulting, treating or interacting with customers and patients online or instore using our technology and services.

  • Bespoke custom made data collection forms
  • Current healthcare issues
  • Past healthcare issues
  • Healthcare needs
  • Health information
  • Products purchased
  • Healthcare treatments
  • Consultation room (Mini Clinic™) services
  • Online doctor treatments
  • Repeat prescription medication
  • Historic health conditions
  • Loyalty card health club interests
  • Cross sold products and services
  • Time and date generated healthcare news
  • Time Generated Prescriptions
  • Online Prescriptions

We recognise that patient interaction is just as important as customer transactions. Our service lets you target your newsletters according to your customer’s medical profile by collecting data. Our software integrates the data collected and powers your e-vouchers and e-newsletter.

  • Loyalty programme
  • Loyalty card application forms
  • Instore hardware & software to measure customer activity
  • Website integration to measure customer activity
  • Pharmacy Mini Clinic™ pad to measure consultation room activity
  • Smartphone mobile applications

A powerful & effective way to build your business that delivers results

We help you create successful targeted newsletter campaigns by helping you acquire data from a range of loyalty & clubcard services.

How do we do this?

We provide you with our industry leading loyalty programme which is seamlessly integrated with your newsletters. Our service helps you to recruit customers and build your pharmacy newsletter database with:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Loyalty card application forms
  • Instore hardware & software to measure activity
  • Website integration to measure customer activity
  • Smartphone mobile applications

Personal data is the new currency of the digital world – We help you acquire data for your newsletters in a compelling way

Successful newsletters and SMS communications start with relationship based marketing. We connect the dots by helping you acquire detailed information for email marketing campaigns using our complete loyalty system.

Provide and offer targeted advice

New & existing customers

Targeted promotions and newsletters

Relationship & permission based

Recruit customers & data

All loyalty card customers

Purchases & call to action

New & existing customers

Interact with customers and convert data into value and revenue

"A fully integrated loyalty programme makes commercial sense – It is 10 times more costly to acquire revenue from a new customer, than it is to generate revenue from existing customers" inc. magazine

Powerful fully integrated e-vouchers and newsletters to drive revenue and retain customers

Unlike most competitors, our service connects your newsletter and SMS marketing strategy in a meaningful and engaging way that delivers return on investment. We provide the most number of data collection points and the power to send e-newsletters with ultra-targeted offers and information.

  • Category purchase
  • Product purchase
  • Instore visits
  • Website visits
  • Number of reward points
  • Last time visited
  • Prescription use
  • Treatments
  • Instore surveys
  • Consultation room Q & A
  • Special purchases
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Mini Clinic™ visits
  • Online Doctor activity

Invite consumers & patients to relevant social networks

The success of producing revenue from any social network can be hard, time consuming and depends on the member’s needs and interest. We help you create the most compelling social networks ever using our Smart Data™ Newsletter Technology. With our service your business can make real revenue from social networks and avoid the constant burden of managing conversations irrelevant to your message. To achieve success through social media marketing you need to know and consider:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where would your audience come from?
  • How would they use social media?
  • What message does your audience want to receive?
  • What message do you want to send to your audience?
  • Who else is in conversation and are they relevant?
  • Is the message relevant for your entire audience?
  • Is your message being diluted from disengaged audience members?

We help you create powerful, relevant, valuable revenue producing social networks

How do we do this?

Our service is simple to use and 100% targeted. We give you unmatched flexibility to invite members to your social network by:

  • Health issues affecting them
  • Prescription drugs they are taking
  • Medication they may have taken in the past
  • Product purchases made
  • Category purchase
  • Full demographics – age / sex
  • Health treatments they have had
  • Insurance plans
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Loyalty card information
  • Repeat prescription users

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Our newsletter technology provides pharmacists with the opportunity to create dedicated healthcare social networks where they can exchange views, information, research and sell goods to a known audience demographic. The only service to 100% guarantee your audience is targeted based on their needs and issues

Create and build your business with marketing partner communications

Our unique local B2B marketing partner newsletter communications helps you to increase customer numbers, reputation and revenue by creating partnerships with local businesses and organisations. Our software allows your businesses to:

  • Form mutually beneficial relationships with local business partners
  • Send newsletters to your partners to inform them of services, offers and promotions
  • Access a new and wider audience range
  • Cross sell products and services
  • Track new customer recruitment numbers from each partner
  • Track new customers spend and visits to your store
  • Expand your service provision by liaising with other healthcare providers (for example chiropodists or dentists) and enjoy reciprocated customer referrals to your pharmacy

Build your business through local partner communications

Switch to Our Smart Data™ e-newsletters and e-vouchers

Switching to us is easy – why compromise when you can have it all!

  • Do you send e-newsletters and e-vouchers healthcare communications to your customers?
  • How do you sign customers up?
  • Can you create your own branded e-newsletters and e-vouchers, with custom videos and images?
  • How do you target your audience with specific offers on products and services?
  • Can you target your e-newsletters and e-vouchers healthcare communications via prescription drug, consultation room services, online doctor consultations, social-networking channels or website products?
  • Are you maximising cross selling opportunities?

See how we can help your pharmacy business with our next generation Connected Pharmacy ecosystem.

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