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Let us save you time with delivery and supply services

Lets you focus on your business and increase your profit margins

Prescriptions and online products delivered directly for your business to your customers

Retain customers

Stop customers going elsewhere online by offering a greater product range beyond instore

Save time and cost

Reduce time and costs for staff, fulfilment, stock holding and delivery

Better customer service

Releases more time so that you can focus on patients and healthcare services

Increase profit margin

Direct delivery, offer more products and no need for stock holding

It takes more to increase sales – we provide all the missing links

We understand that to be competitive a business needs more than just technology. Our ecommerce supply and distribution services retain pharmacy customers by providing more offers to match competitors and eliminating the need to go elsewhere. With our service your customers will benefit from your great deals and offers on a range of products without the need to carry the stock at your retail location.

Prescription distribution where you are in control

Secure and safe

Secure and safe delivery with tracking

Client retention

Pharmacist always keeps the customer

Support and service

Prescriptions apps, website and more for ordering and tracking

Qualified staff

Experienced staff, peace of mind and service for Rx fulfilment

Our Rx delivery service takes the headache of online prescription deliveries from your pharmacy without compromising your independence or losing your customer.

Our service comes in 3 packages to help your business grow.

Fully Managed Service
  • With our fully managed service we provide the stock for your website, carry out the packaging and distribute directly to your customers saving you valuable time and money.
Part Managed Service
  • Some of our clients would prefer to only have their stock on their website but benefit from our distribution and storage.
  • We can help you by integrating your business into our industry leading marketing platform to manage all your orders, online marketing and CRM.
  • We can set your business up and running to enable real time download of orders , give you space at our warehouses, pick and pack orders directly to your customers with local and international coverage
Self-managed Service
  • If you already distribute your goods and services or would like to do it yourself then we can integrate your current processes into a Data Driven connected pharmacy eco system pharmacy communication network and help take your business marketing to the next level.

Pharmacy Club Card™ Deals Distribution

Pharmacy Club Card™ clients benefit from great deals and offers on a range of products directly from our warehouse.

With no need to carry the stock at your retail location, the Pharmacy Club Card™ platform provides your business the ability to be independent yet retain the benefits from the national promotion of products and services. Excite and engage customers through vouchers and coupons - acquire new customers, re-engage with old customers, improve your retail offering beyond your store and compete with chain stores.

See how we can help

  • Do you currently have your business exposed to a large market place with all the marketing tools?
  • Are you losing out on maximising your potential customer reach?
  • Are you offering a national distribution service?
  • Are you paying too much and not getting return on investment?

See how we can help your pharmacy business with our next generation Connected Pharmacy ecosystem.

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