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Online prescribing integrated with patient marketing tools

Leading providers of an online prescribing and clinical service integrated with a marketing platform

The future of healthcare advice and services transacted online is set to grow at unprecedented rates we connect medical offices and empower pharmacists with the power of online consultations.

A simple 3 step safe & secure service for your customers

Step 1

Customer fills in online treatment questionnaire form

Step 2

Online medical prescriber reviews questionnaire & issues private prescription

Step 3

Script is sent directly to your pharmacy for dispensing

Our online consultation technology service

We provide the latest cutting edge technology enabling pharmacists to build their private clinical consultation business and online prescriptions with medical partners or specialist prescribers

  • Zero software costs or downloads
  • 24/7 access to online doctor via pharmacy website
  • Wide range of treatments available including erectile dysfunction and anti-malarial services
  • Private prescriptions sent within 24 hours directly to store
  • Set your own private prescription prices – all profits retained by the pharmacy
  • Historical prescriptions data stored without additional storage costs for marketing to ex-customers
  • All prescription & patient data is 100% owned by you
  • Digital prescription signature autoload security
  • Prescribe anywhere - cloud based

Protect & build your online consultations and private prescription business

Unlike other providers our unique service is built with lots of features, functions and control to increase and lock in future prescription revenue. We are the only providers of an online doctor’s service to independent retail pharmacies integrated with a private prescription marketing platform.

We provide the high level of digital signature security

All our prescriptions come with the high level security systems and processes ensure to create verified and digital signature security for each prescriber and prescription.

We provide prescription signatures fully compliant with strict industry regulations, country-specific legislation and exacting technical standards.

We help incentivise and increase the lifetime value of every private prescription

Our specialised private prescription and online doctors marketing platform provides your pharmacy business the ability to send ultra-targeted newsletters, SMS text messages and electronic vouchers / coupons according to-

  • Medicines prescribed by online doctor treatment
  • Repeat buyer profiles
  • Age and patient, demographics
  • Current patient NHS prescription drug use
  • Past NHS prescription drug use
  • Opportunistic cross-selling events
  • Pharmacy Mini Clinic™ services
  • Pharmacy Club Card™ interests

Incentivise repeat prescriptions and increase the lifetime value of every private prescription patient

We help you collect all the data and turn it into revenue now and into the future

Our online doctor services are available for your customers online and via the pharmacy mobile app.

The dedicated online doctors marketing platform can be also integrated into your existing website, or, we can provide you a website.

Our totally unique service fully integrates online doctor’s prescription with all other orders, ensuring there are no split payments and all data for future marketing and revenue is collected directly by the pharmacy.

Our unique system ensures that customers remain loyal to your online service

Switch to our Service

Switching to us is easy – why compromise when you can have it all

  • Does your current online doctor allow you to set your own price?
  • Does your website have an integrated online doctor service, or is your service just a link to a third-party website?
  • How do you promote your private prescription business?
  • Can you send ultra-targeted communications to maximise repeat private prescription business?
  • Are you losing out on revenue?

See how we can help your pharmacy business with our next generation Connected Pharmacy ecosystem.

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